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Porter Robinson had a series of tweets today. talking about his mentality leading up to the development of his upcoming album, “Worlds (and also a bunch of emoticon stuff)”:

i’m going to organize and post some thoughts that have mostly been sitting in my drafts for the last few years

years ago, i realized that i wanted to write an album that focused on beauty above all else.

the feeling of hugeness and gorgeousness and vastness and beauty is what i fucking live for. it is my favorite thing in the world

i kept trying to write songs that both satisfied me artistically and also could ‘work’ in a dj set.

nobody ever heard these songs because they sucked and made me miserable

again and again, i found that making a track ‘danceable’ just meant compromising and ignoring what the song really needed

and i found that the more i forced myself to work within those dj-friendly limits, the more i resented the genre.

i realized that the rift between the music that works for DJs and the music that i love had grown too huge to ignore.

i considered quitting ‘porter robinson’ and exclusively writing music under an alias.

the reason i didn’t quit is ‘language’. to me, that song is the gate between my DJ music and the Worlds stuff.

i’ve had multiple anxiety attacks on stage this year and it was always related to feeling like a fraud. it sucked

the fucking watershed moment in writing Worlds was when i realized that i didn’t have to write songs for DJs

i realized that my need to be honest with myself and with you was greater than my need to be famous or whatever.

i don’t want to cheapen peoples’ past experiences of shows or songs. i still fuck with my old stuff.

that was my favorite music when i was 18. i am 21 now and now i’m writing 21-year-old-me’s favorite music

"don’t forget your roots" dude, if i was still writing my ‘roots’ music i’d be writing eurodance DDR shit so don’t even give me that lmao

i’m going to post one of the songs from my album now.

this song is called ‘sea of voices’. i’ve been kicking around the idea of making it public for a week.

And so yet another prominent producer has said “fuck it” and raised a giant middle finger to the great EDM behemoth. Sea of Voices is a gorgeous track, and true to the tweets isn’t mainstream electronic at all.

Porter joins the ranks of talented producers like Daft Punk, deadmau5 and Rob Swire (Pendulum, Knife Party), who have denounced the industry recently, if not in the last few years (deadmau5 in particular has been on a crusade against “EDM” since he was still engaged to Kat; Swire had tweets here and there complaining about “not being a musician anymore” and open guilt about making LRAD).

So the big question is…where do we go from here?

It’s been fairly obvious to anyone with eyes and years that EDM is a bubble, one that is definitely going to pop fairly soon. And here we have one of the first signs: talent leaving to do other, less mainstream ventures; talent being sidelined to run labels and find new talent (Skrillex); and talent making stuff that they know and openly state isn’t going to sell as well as the latest Animals clone, because the industry has drifted so far from actually caring about music and talent and instead focuses on marketing and branding.

Here’s the thing: that’s not inherently bad. Mainstream popularity in and of itself is not a bad thing. What matters is what you do with it, and what is being done with it is resulting in a race to the bottom.

EDM is toxic.

You have an industry that consistently pushes the same sound until it’s completely and utterly dead, then moves onto the next one to consume; promotes overpriced festivals and touring more than actual music; and tries its absolute hardest to fit every single goddamn producer that attempts to get in into a box so they look and sound like everyone else. And people fucking buy it.

You have labels that push unethical practices, make artists sign bullshit contracts, and constantly put out the same garbage. Even fucking trance labels are releasing stuff that sounds more like mainstream house than actual trance now. 

You have a raver culture with an overbearing drug culture hiding behind it, resulting in fun statistics like tens of felonies at festivals like EDC, deaths at Zedd shows, and cancellation of festivals and performances because outsiders fucking fear us now, like they did in the 90s. You have a culture that focuses on getting coked out and raving to talentless hacks reusing the same sets over and over again. You have a culture that focuses on how scaaaaantily clad those raver chicks are (so let’s have them jiggle their tits for the camera!) and has no problems culturally appropriating things like war bonnets. A culture that has no problems shelling out money for festivals that promoters know they can jack the prices up for and completely screw you, because you’ll buy it anyway. A culture that will keep dreck like Animals #1 on the Beatport charts for weeks, and does the same to songs that sound almost exactly like it.

You have an overall culture and industry that burns out talent, even experienced talent, and/or makes them so bland and forgettable you forget why you liked them in the first place (I’m at this point with Zedd, unfortunately). You have a culture and industry that insists that, really, everything is totally 100% fine and profitable, even as you have powerhouses like Porter Robinson refusing to buy into it and major sites like Beatport cutting staff because they’re, in fact, not actually doing well.

Is it any wonder that people, popular people, famous people, are speaking out against it? Against a system that abuses them and their artistic abilities?

Wow. This is perfect wow.

This is why the people that have been around the culture for years are scared when everything becomes “mainstream”… 

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Within each of us is a light, awake, encoded in the fibers of our existence. Divine ecstasy is the totality of this marvelous creation experienced in the hearts of humanity 
~ Tony Samara 


Within each of us is a light, awake, encoded in the fibers of our existence. Divine ecstasy is the totality of this marvelous creation experienced in the hearts of humanity

~ Tony Samara